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Category: Sending Methods

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How can you use email in your omnichannel marketing strategy?

In today’s complex marketing landscape, where customers interact with brands across a multitude of channels, the question of how to effectively integrate email into an omnichannel marketing strategy is more relevant than ever. While social media and other digital platforms often dominate discussions, email remains a powerful and indispensable tool

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How to use our AcyMailing Beta Version ?

You recently subscribed to AcyMailing Sending Service Beta version and want to know how it works? Follow those simple steps and be ready to start sending emails using our own email service 🥳 Step 1: Download AcyMailing Beta Version The first step is to install AcyMailing. Click on this button

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Amazon SES SMTP for WordPress

When it comes to sending mass emails on WordPress you may ask yourself: What is the most efficient and easiest way to do it? There are a lot of solutions but you can separate them into 2 kinds: external server (SMTP) or your own server. Since hosting services don’t always

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Why should you use a newsletter plugin?

5 min reading – Last update: November 25, 2022 Years after years numerous solutions have appeared in the newsletter and email marketing sector. Some of them are specific for Joomla and WordPress and some are built for all kinds of websites no matter its CMS, or its technology. We all

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