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Improve your E commerce with email marketing

E commerce use case

Are you an e-merchant? Would you like to obtain customer data, increase your profits and get closer to your customers?

AcyMailing email marketing is for you.

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You don't have to be a data expert to understand email marketing.​

Simplified data analysis​

Automatically analyze customer data, including clicks, devices on which the email is opened, open rate, revenue generated per email sent and much more!

Classify your users according to your choices!​

Rapid targeting : segment your users

Using AcyMailing’s segmentation capabilities, divide the customer base into groups based on purchase history, interests, location, delivery preferences, level of engagement, and so on.

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Put your customers at the heart of your brand!​

Loyalty and customer service : automatic e-mail triggering

You can automatically send e-mails when a number of user-triggered actions occur, such as when a purchase is made on WooCommerce/Ikashop, when user information becomes available, to celebrate a birthday, when a user account is created, when a subscription is taken out, etc.

This enables you to implement strategies, to be as close as possible to your customers, and thus to build loyalty.

Shopping cart abandonment rate too high? Try automation!​

Automation : e-mail reminders for abandoned shopping baskets​

Automation lets you automatically send reminder e-mails to customers who leave items in their shopping cart without completing the purchase.

Create sequences based on responses or lack of response!

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Recommend products similar to those you've bought!

Cross-selling : personalized product recommendations

With automation, you can set up automated e-mails to remind customers to buy products according to their needs, or promotional products targeted specifically for them.

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