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Why should you use a newsletter plugin?

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5 min reading - Last update: November 25, 2022

Years after years numerous solutions have appeared in the newsletter and email marketing sector. Some of them are specific for Joomla and WordPress and some are built for all kinds of websites no matter its CMS, or its technology. We all know that using a newsletter service is essential for developing your business in 2022. But what we know less is which type of newsletter service we should focus on for our website! In this article we would like to showcase the importance of a newsletter plugin built specifically for your Joomla and WordPress website.


What is a plugin?

Maybe you are a beginner and you need some more explanations. If you are not, you can skip this paragraph (but promise that you will be back in the next one...)

Plugin, extension, addon, module, those words are synonyms. They are used to define a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. 

For example, if you want to improve your website SEO you can use extensions like SEO Press on WordPress or SEO - Generator on Joomla.

But why using a plugin in the first place?

When a program supports plugins, it enables customization. Whether you are a coder or not you can easily add new features to your website.

With a basic website on Joomla or WordPress you can create posts, pages, share some content, upload and insert media, and moderate comments. In a few words, you will have basically all the functionalities that you could expect from a classical blog. This is the reason why CMS like Joomla and WordPress are so popular. They allow any user, no matter their skills and their background, to get a standard and efficient website running in a short amount of time. 

If you want to add some new features or functionalities into your website like, for example, creating events, connecting with your audience or personalizing your theme, plugins are an excellent solution! Thanks to open-source CMS, you could with ease modify the source code to include many functionalities that your activity needs due to the numerous extensions developed on it.

To resume, plugins are a great way to improve the quality of your website easily.

1) Control your data

When you do email marketing campaigns, it's common to have a large amount of information about your users. Usually for a successful campaign you need to possess personal information such as a name, an address, maybe a birthdate in complement of an email address. 

It is your duty to protect the data that your users gave you. It is a tacit agreement that the information you’ve collected is manipulated by you and your website. More than that, your users must be informed of the specific purpose of this data collection. Europeans have got the GDPR agreement that reinforces the importance of protecting your user data. If you are dealing with a European audience, you must be careful to respect all that if you don’t want to be flagged by the European administration

Having an external service is giving the opportunity to a tierce company to use your users data by their own terms. We are not saying that every external company will use your users' data for their own good. In fact, most of them are engaged to protect the information that you gave them. But you can’t know for sure what the conditions are, and how your user’s data can be used. Having your own newsletter plugin on your website is a solution to control from A to Z, how you’ll choose to use those data. Your users will for sure get the content they agreed to receive in the first place and you will bond a better relationship with them.

2) Your website content in a few clicks

It’s always a pleasure to have everything close to your hand. When you don't, how painful your life can be! It is the same when you try to build an efficient newsletter. Having your personal website information already centered in your plugin can be a real relief. Imagine you’ve just written an article about your passion. Into your newsletter plugin you’ll have in a few clicks the possibility to share it directly into your newsletter. On the other hand if you use an external service you’ll have to rewrite it, or to use longer manipulation to get your freshly published article into your content. Saving time is always good.


Another feature that might ease your newsletter campaign is the possibility to directly design your forms and to create your list in one space. These features allow you to create a list or segment quickly for your campaigns. With a form directly into your website don’t get lost into many procedures to transfer all your database into another service. With a newsletter plugin well configured you don’t have to do anything instead of letting new users subscribe to your content. 

Other plugins:

The perks of having a CMS that works with extensions is that they can complete each others into your website. But that’s not all, the plugins can also interact between themselves! That is the case with the newsletter plugin too. For example your company organized an event and used the Modern Event Calendar plugin for WordPress, you can use directly into AcyMailing those informations to trigger campaigns or to insert dynamic text into your newsletter. 

Another example! If your website is an e-shop that uses Hikashop or WooCommerce for example, you can easily trigger automations to remind your users that they have a pending order for a few days on their cart. 

To resume, having everything on your website will make you gain a huge amount of time and will ease your work for sure. With that time saved you can spend it on designing your campaigns but you can use it for any other activities… (maybe fishing?)

Customize your email:

Account confirmation email, reset password, username reminder, notifications sent to the admin, etc… Automatic email sent by your CMS like Joomla and WordPress can sometimes be a little bit… basic. One of the positive sides of having a newsletter plugin like AcyMailing is that you can customize your email override. With that functionality, you can easily design and add your personal touch into those emails. Sending personalized content will be more engaging for your users as the audience receives an email that totally fits your company spirit.


ordinateur blog plan de travail 1 copie 3

Having a newsletter plugin when you are using a CMS like Joomla and WordPress is a great way to improve your efficiency. Enable all the functionalities of your website and gain a huge amount of time by getting all your information in one place. So are you ready to give us a try! 🙂 

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