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Tag: Marketing Automation

Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation: What are the Differences?

Is your company in need of visibility, customer loyalty, increased conversion rates, and, in short, looking to enhance its business efficiency? These marketing challenges have multiple solutions. In this article, we’ll explore two particularly interesting solutions: email marketing and marketing automation. What are their advantages and differences? What is Email

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Email marketing vs marketing automation : quelles différences ?

Votre entreprise a besoin de visibilité, de fidéliser les clients, d’augmenter son taux de transformation, en bref, de développer son efficacité commerciale ? Ces enjeux marketing ont de multiples solutions. Abordons dans cet article, deux solutions particulièrement intéressantes pour y parvenir : l’email marketing et le marketing automation. Quels sont

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10 exemples de marketing automation efficaces à suivre

Apparu à la fin des années 2000, le marketing automation est au service des responsables marketing. Il sert avant tout à automatiser les tâches répétitives. Son application la plus répandue consiste à personnaliser des messages en fonction de contextes précis. Les utilisateurs les plus aguerris s’en servent pour suivre les

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maximizing email deliverability

Maximizing Email Deliverability: Tips and Tricks 2024

Email marketing deliverability There are expected to be over 4.4 billion email users worldwide by 2023, representing an increase of over 300 million users. Moreover, it is estimated that over 347 billion emails will be sent and received every day in 2023. So you can imagine the importance of email

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How to make your marketing automation on WordPress successful

WordPress is the most popular content management system, used by 43,3% of websites, easy to use and offers native integration of marketing automation plugins, such as contact forms, sales pages and email marketing systems and many more.  Marketing automation tools are meant to help you increase your visibility by reducing

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AcyMailing 8 is out with a lot of new features!

4 min reading – Last update: January 23, 2023 Welcome to the world of AcyMailing 8! I’m sure a lot of you must’ve been waiting for this new version of the plugin to come out. Well, the wait is over. It’s time! 🕐 The new AcyMailing 8 update has arrived

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Create your newsletter templates simply with AcyMailing

AcyMailing is easy to use and suitable for users of all skill levels. If you want to create your newsletter templates or Email Marketing to your WordPress / Joomla site or improve your email marketing strategy, AcyMailing could be a good option to explore. Here are some tips for creating

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