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AcyMailing 7.5 is out, what’s new?

The new version AcyMailing 7.5 is available on your plugin. Discover its latest features and improvements. Subscription form on Elementor ?‍?   After Gutenberg, the subscription form is now available on Elementor.  You can now use Elementor to create AcyMailing subscription forms in your WordPress posts. Elementor is a page

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Complete Guide to WordPress Welcome Emails

A welcome email is an email received by a prospect after signing up for one of your mailing lists on your website. The welcome email allows users to learn more about the brand. This is the first email your customer will receive from your company. Therefore, it is important to

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AcyMailing 7.4 is out, what’s new?

Spring brings new features and improvements to your plugin. Discover now the features of this new release AcyMailing 7.4. Insert a subscription form from the Gutenberg editor ? Create subscription forms directly from your Gutenberg editor while editing a post or a page. You can customize all your form information:

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How to use AcyMailing, our WordPress Newsletter plugin?

Need some help to use our AcyMailing plugin? Here is the ultimate guide to use AcyMailing on WordPress. AcyMailing is one of the best newsletter plugin for WordPress, it allows you to create, manage and send easily your newsletters from WordPress. This guide explains the steps and main features of

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How to create a newsletter on WordPress?

Every year, billions of emails are sent around the world. In 2020, 319 billion emails were sent and more than 3.9 users were registered (Statista). Marketing emails are widely used in the communication strategies of companies. Indeed, the newsletters allow to inform, to create loyalty and to create a link

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How to create popups on WordPress?

Are you familiar with popups on the web? These pop up windows that appear during your navigation are often invasive and not well used. They harm your users’ experience. But when used properly, they can be very useful to brands and companies by helping them to get new customers. Indeed,

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AcyMailing 7.3 is out, what’s new?

AcyMailing developers did their best again this month. Many features, improvements and bugs have been updated. Here are the latest features to our AcyMailing 7.3 release. Non-transactional emails with Sendinblue ?  Sendinblue allows you to send two types of emails: Transactional emails (email for registration confirmation, order confirmation…) Non-transactional emails (newsletters,

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New Feature: Follow-up newsletter

Widely used by companies, the automatic follow-up email saves time on your email campaigns. This feature is now available on AcyMailing newsletter plugin. No more need to plan every day, which mail and when will this mail be sent. You can schedule it whenever you want.  What are follow-up emails?

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New Feature: Statistics

If you need to analyse the impact of your emails, this new feature is made for you. AcyMailing’s new feature allows you to have more information about your campaigns and subscribers using more accurate graphs and statistics. What’s new?   The new features are mainly in the “Statistics” section of

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