Spring brings new features and improvements to your plugin. Discover now the features of this new release AcyMailing 7.4.

Insert a subscription form from the Gutenberg editor ?


Create subscription forms directly from your Gutenberg editor while editing a post or a page. You can customize all your form information: display mode, list options, fields displayed and much more.

Inserting a form in an article is a good way to increase your chances of converting your visitors into subscribers. If you didn’t know Gutenberg, it’s the WordPress default editor that allows you to create simplified page layouts of your posts, pages and other web projects.

gutenberg editor

Statistics ? 


You can now view the statistics of all generated campaigns for an automatic campaign. 

In other words, you can access all the statistics of a single campaign (from the first email sent to the last) and analyse which emails were the most effective in the same campaign. You just have to choose which campaign you want to select. This allows you to cumulate the statistics of a same campaign.

And that’s not all! Another statistics feature allows you to select several emails at the same time in the statistics page. This time you can combine the statistics of two, three or more campaigns. The results of your campaigns are more easily accessible. This feature doesn’t work with multilingual campaigns.

Default font in editor ? 


You can set a default font per email in your AcyMailing editor. Save time on creative details and create your campaigns more efficiently.

In addition to this feature, some improvements have been made in your editor. You can now change the opacity of your buttons in your editor’s colours.  You can also add vertical and horizontal padding to the dynamic content inserted by category.

default font editor

CAPTCHA in subscription forms ?‍♀️


Before this release, only the Google Recaptcha was available. This was causing some issues with German data privacy laws. So on Joomla, you can now use some other captcha you’ve installed on your website.

Design improvements ?


Two main design improvements have been made. The import modal on the template listing has been simplified and the design improved. The Go Pro page has been updated.

import template

Automation ?


You have more choice in your triggered actions. You can now trigger when the subscriber clicks on the link and when the subscriber opens an email. You can see which email your users opened and what links they clicked on.

Users improvement ?‍?


The unsubscribe lists are now displayed in your user list. AcyMailing 7.4 allows you to export all confirmed users by searching for them in the search bar. To do this, go to the subscribers listing and search by user name using the filter then click the “export” button to export the filtered users.

The other improvements allow you to:


  • Add time condition on the send date of the email in the statistics filters
  • Sort detailed statistics by click
  • Read the entire notification on the notification dashboard by clicking on it
  • Select the name field to use for Contact Form 7 
  • Change the time condition on HikaShop reminder filter

You can discover the other improvements and bug fixes here!


Did you miss the last release? The AcyMailing 7.3 features are available in this article.

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