A new AcyMailing version is available!
Check the new features below ??

New version available!

History Section

You can now see the user history (modification and subscription date) and some information about how it has been done (Form / API / etc. )

Add your lists into other subscription forms

Subscribe people to AcyMailing lists from other subscription forms such as :

  • WordPress / Joomla subscription form
  • WooCommerce
  • More to come..

AcyMailing Editor – Bloc parameter improvements

We’ve added a third column in the editor.
In this one you’ll be able to find all the parameters of the block you’re currently editing. Amazing isn’t it? ?

AcyMailing Editor – Area selection

The parent container is now highlighted clearly.
This will prevent you from any confusion between the current block and the parent one.

AcyMailing Menu Logo

A better logo is displayed on the left menu for AcyMailing, integrated with the WordPress’s coloring system

Review system

As you may have seen, we definitely need some help to increase our visibility on WordPress.
So we’ve added a unique screen in which we ask for some help from you.

Main idea is to thank the team for the amazing work they do and help us to grow on WordPress.
If you click on the link then the content won’t be displayed anymore ?


  • piet says:


    thank you very much for this.

    The best “Area selection (parent containe highlighted clearly)” is really great !

    Thank you.

  • Bryan says:

    I use your 5.x version, Enterprise edition. I really want a birthday plugin for 6.x. I think it’s the only thing keeping me from using ver6.

  • Nick says:

    Hello guys.. I just wanted to point out that every new addition is great and welcome but the problem is that the newsletters are not shown correctly in outlook.. Not even the newsletters we receive from you are correctly shown.. They are stretched and not in the right size, buttons are missing or not shown correct.

  • Roberto says:

    My sites re K2 based. Plugin remake was scheduled for march 2019: other changes are useless until K2 plugin is there !!!

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