We’re making some changes regarding our support policy.

We’ve mentioned it in our newsletters in the past weeks. Here are some information about the support policy upcoming changes.

1. Some explanations
2. When this will be done? (TLDR; September 7th)
3. I’m a free user, how can I get help?

Some explanations

The daily number of support tickets has slowly increased recently. At the beginning, we thought this was a temporary situation. But unfortunately it didn’t stop. And weeks after weeks the time spent on support started to take almost half our time.

People would say: “Well, enjoy, that means your solution is a nice one and more and more people love it”. That’s right.

But it also implies two important things:

  • We’re spending more time on replying to support tickets and less time on improving AcyMailing
  • People having a valid license and paying for support are handled in the same way as free users

That’s unfair ?
And we definitely couldn’t keep it like this.

That’s why we decided to make an important move in the way we provide support to our users.

In short, that means email support will now be dedicated to paid users.
This way support quality will be improved for our customers and we will gain additional time to make AcyMailing even better.

This doesn’t mean free users won’t have any way to get help. Go check the third part of this post for more information ?

When will this be done?

We’ve already sent 3 emails talking about this change.
But we definitely want you to see this news. So that’s why we’ve added an additional week for you to be prepared.

So changes will be made on September 7th.

I’m a free user, how can I get help?

Using Slack

It’s been some months now since we opened an AcyMailing dedicated Slack workspace.
Here, you will be able to speak with other users and ask for help.

Our team will also be connected to this workspace to give advices.
But keep in mind they won’t provide with custom / dedicated support over here ?

Join our slack

Using our forum

Our forum is still available.
You can connect here using our website credentials.  Here, you will be able to open threads, get some help from forum moderators and even help other users having troubles.

You can even get a free AcyMailing license by helping each others.

Join the forum

Get a free AcyMailing license

There are many ways to get a free AcyMailing license.
Go check this article so that you’ll find how to get an AcyMailing paid license for free ?

Get a free license

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