Today is a big day for us.

After 10 years of disputes, happiness, loyalty, memories … it was time to say goodbye to a good old friend. Well, now we can say it … He was getting old, slow and ugly. That was a must do!

You understood it, our old website became part of the past. That’s a sad news but we’ve tons of good ones coming!

See below

1. AcyMailing Monthly and Yearly Subscription
2. Our new mascot
3. Say goodbye to AcySMS

AcyMailing monthly and yearly subscriptions

That’s one of the biggest changes.
AcyMailing licenses will now be a subscription. That means, at the end of your subscription period your license will be automatically renewed.

This will prevent you from having your subscription expire.
Obviously, you will be able to stop it at any time

Monthly payment will be available this summer.

Important note: This will only concern new licenses.

AcyMailing mascot

We definitely need a mascot to use almost everywhere (Social networks, videos, newsletters…).
Who else than this awesome astronaut would better fit our needs?

We didn’t find any name for him yet.
Have an idea? Let us know!

If your suggestion is the chosen one then you’ll get a lifetime AcyMailing license!
What are you waiting for?

Say goodbye to AcySMS

It’s been some months that the AcySMS development and support have been stopped.

This doesn’t mean we won’t bring it back in the future.
That simply means we’re fully focusing on AcyMailing right now as our main goal this year is to make AcyMailing as famous on WordPress as it is on Joomla!

That’s all for today!
Time for us to go back to AcyMailing and bring all the features you guys are asking for!
Some incredible ones are on their ways!

By the way, if you have any remark then feel free to use the contact form to share your thoughts!


  • Geoff Robertson says:

    Congratulations on your new site – it looks fabulous. I’m looking forward to using AcyMailing 6 as the features unfold.

    May I suggest a mascott name… Pacey. I recently had a nephew born, and given that name.

    Kind regards,

  • Nice website guys. My suggestion for the mascot is ‘Scout’. Explorer turned entrepreneur… Scout is blazing a trail to new heights! Just like the team. It’s perfect!

  • Klaus says:

    My suggestion is Acynaut. But you probably considered that already. Major Acy would be also good (see Major Tom). Maybe he actually *is* an Acynaut called Major Acy. 😉


    How do i add another website to my account?

    • Alexandre - AcyMailing Team says:


      You can download AcyMailing from our website then use the Licence key to attach it to your license 😉

  • Aleksej says:

    Hello. If I am not mistaken, then your previous site was on Joomla. New – on WordPress. Why?

    • Alexandre - AcyMailing Team says:


      WordPress fitted best our needs for some reasons 😉

    • Hakan says:

      Major difference which was not mentioned above 🙂 Bravo Aleksej. You should be a Joomla fan like me 🙂

      • Alexandre - AcyMailing Team says:

        That doesn’t mean we’re abandoning Joomla at all 🙂
        We’re Joomla fans too and we will always be!

        • herve says:

          You could have made such a beautiful site with Joomla. This is a very bad signal that you are giving to the Joomla community.
          I also have the impression that the delays for years towards version 6 with automation …. comes from a priority towards wp 🙁

          I believe you will always develop for Joomla, especially since there is not really a competitor.
          You will keep this advantage if you prove us by a total and shortest possible switch to version 6!


          • Alexandre - AcyMailing Team says:


            You can already switch to AcyMailing 6 easily.
            We’re not abandoning Joomla at all. One of our upcoming version will contain a lot of new Joomla add—ons.

            I don’t think there is an issue with having a website on WordPress or Joomla. We could have done it with Magento too this doesn’t mean we would leave J! and WP 😉
            Don’t worry, we will still be a Joomla major actor in the upcoming years!

      • Aleksej says:

        “You should be a Joomla fan like me” – yes.

  • Aleksej says:

    I logged into my account but do not see the affiliate program. Where is it?

  • Manwell B says:

    Same here, I’m bummed you dropped Joomla for your site.

  • herve says:

    I hope that version 6 is soon finalized for Joomla (as good as v5)
    You put Joomla in 2nd in your com ‘, your reviews, your visuals speak more of wp (which already has 2 good plugins), it is not a coincidence and it saddens me too 🙁

  • Hrvoje Znaor says:

    Congratz on new website.
    However, like others, I am also VERY curious what were the reasons why have you chosen WordPress over Joomla.

    • Alexandre - AcyMailing Team says:


      Question has already been replied 🙂
      We’ve had some technical needs belonging to our license system. And it was easier for us to use WordPress.
      But there is no significant meaning. We’re still Joomla lovers!

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