A new AcyMailing Newsletter Plugin version is available!
Check the new features below ??

Subscription Form Builder

Subscription form builder ?

One of our biggest feature so far.
Increase your audience by creating and customizing your own subscription form including different types:

  • Pop-up
  • Header / Footer
  • Widget / Module

That’s definitely the best way to make them subscribe to your lists.

Multilingual Newsletter Content (WordPress)

Create one single newsletter for all your website’s languages (instead of create one newsletter per language).

Regarding the dynamic content translation, we’ve brought two new integrations to make it easy to translate them:

You’re now ready to send multilingual newsletter ?


WooCommerce income tracking

Track the money you’ve made thanks to your newsletters.
See the most efficient emails, improve the lesser ones and grow your incomes efficiently ?

Email history

It’s always hard to find all the newsletter a user has received since he subscribed to your website.
That’s why we’ve added a quick and simple way to do it!
On the user edition page, you will find a listing of all the emails you’ve sent to him ?

Features’ custom access lists

Define who can use AcyMailing.
You can restrict every feature to a specific group of user and make sure people will only have access to features they’re allowed to manage ?

Is that all? ?

In this new version 4 new features, 14 improvements and 11 bug fixes are include. ?
Click here for more details

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