AcyMailing 7.2 is out ! Small features and improvements come in your plugin. 

A new external mailing service: Amazon SES ?


Last month, several external email services were added to AcyMailing: Sendinblue, Mailgun, SendGrid and Postmark. Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) has now been added to the list.

More multilingual options ?


AcyMailing is becoming more and more multilingual. You can now configure the language at different levels of your email sending process.

First, custom fields labels and descriptions can be defined based on the user language. Then you can now define the sender information (sender name, sender email etc) for each language. And finally, the unsubscribe page is now displayed in the user language and he can even switch it to see another one!

Multilingual On Mailing Lists

Universal filter ⚛️


Thanks to the Universal filter add-on, you can now select a group type in your automated campaigns. For example, you can choose to send emails to all the “John’s” on your list or to all the people coming from your company or a company using the target keyword. To do this, go to your automation campaigns and then to the action target and choose the type(s) of users you want to target.

You can also choose in relation to a server or another database connected to AcyMailing.

Import Users In Automations

Hikashop improvement ?


New options are available in Hikashop addons for AcyMailing. You can now add in your emails: images, a short or long description, a “read more” button and many other items. Nothing better to personalize your campaigns. In addition, the design parameters for inserting Hikashop products have been improved.

VirtueMart inscription ? 


On Joomla, you can now choose to sign up to AcyMailing on VirtueMart checkout page.

Virtuemart Registration Form Acy Lists

More information tooltips ??


New user on AcyMailing? You don’t understand how to configure the plugin? We’ve added more  information tooltips in our plugin at each step of your journey to help you to program your email campaigns.

Import WP Mail SMTP settings ⚙️


You can now import settings from WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP into AcyMailing using a simple button. 

Additional information screens have been added ?


We have improved several layouts on AcyMailing to enhance your experience.Splash screens are only included in the Starter version to explain features that you do not have access to. The following pages have now additional information screens to explain what the parameters are used for: segment, automation, configuration, segment in campaigns, cron…

Filters and import ? 


You can now display the selected users by the following filters: segment, segment in campaigns, campaign summary and automation campaigns.

“Built with AcyMailing” ?


A new footer “Built with AcyMailing” has been added in the free version. This footer can be removed by upgrading to pro version. It is customizable, you can choose the color of your footer: white or black, so that it fits with your campaigns as discreetly as possible.

Other improvements:

  • Update of the AcyMailing page on Joomla! Extension Directory
  • Improved date selection popup
  • Improvement of auto scroll in subscription forms
  • Filter licenses on WooCommerce subscription : you can now choose several filters)
  • New add-on: CMS user creation (allows you to create new users with more options)

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