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AcyMailing 6.4.0 is out, what’s new?

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Unlock your emailing powers

Design newsletter or marketing campaigns easily with all our tools. Created in 2009, AcyMailing is the most robust and affordable solution on the market.

A new AcyMailing version is available! Check the new features below ??

Automatic newsletters (Smart-Newsletters)

Tons of users asked for this feature. It is finally back! ??

Send campaigns:

  • Every week on Monday / Tuesday / ...
  • Every day at a specific hour
  • On the first monday of the month
  • Etc...

Birthday Campaigns (based on an automation trigger)

You can now do some specific actions (Send a campaign for example) to every users based on their birthdate (or based on a "date" custom field)

Resend Campaigns

You can now resend campaigns which have already been sent.
Most of you asked for this feature so we hope you will love it! ?

Outlook improvements

Outlook is kind of the final boss of your favorite game.
Probably the hardest one. But we beat it and compatibility must be perfect now ?

Next release improvements (Tons of new features ?)

  • External plugin system
  • More than 15 new integrations, bringing back some Joomla! ones
  • Manage my subscription / Unsubscribe page
  • Send a test from the editor page
  • Campaign code source edition
  • Archive improvements (List selection / Newsletter shown in a new tab..)
  • UX improvements
  • Many more...
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