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AcyMailing 6.3.0 is out, what’s new?

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Unlock your emailing powers

Design newsletter or marketing campaigns easily with all our tools. Created in 2009, AcyMailing is the most robust and affordable solution on the market.

A new AcyMailing version is available! Check the new features below ??

New version available!

Header refactoring

Small feature but an important one as new users were confused by the "main action" buttons in the header.

AcyMailing - Editor Toolbar

New editor toolbar

New toolbar to show some information and bring all the editor actions at the same place:

  • Do / Undo
  • Preview (Mobile + Desktop)
  • Cancel / Save
  • More to come...

AcyMailing Editor - Dynamic tag replacement

When you drag and drop a bloc content, it is now replaced by a live preview.
This way you will be able to see what's going to be sent.

Notification center

Everything you need to know, in a single place.
No more animated notifications popping on the screen.
Simpler is better.

AcyMailing Editor - Area selection

The parent container is now highlighted clearly.
This will prevent you from any confusion between the current block and the parent one.

What's next ?

  • Birthday Newsletter
  • Smart Newsletter
  • Outlook fixes
  • More to come...
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