Stronger Together ♥

Here, you will find a simple message from the team. And two decisions we’ve made to help people in this difficult situation.

Check it out and let us know what you think ??
1. Our message
2. Our decisions

We’re living a really sad and difficult time.

As you might know, we’re from France and Covid-19 is giving us some really bad time over here. Preparing the whole country to be in quarantine, people starting to empty groceries but hey come on, we’re still here and we won’t lose our faith.

So we simply wanted to share some love with you guys, being part of our life since more than 10 years.

We hope everything is going well on your side. Wishing you the best for you and your family.
Stay safe, be cautious and wait for this situation to be finished.

We’re all together so stay strong and be positive.
Everything is gonna be alright ?

Let’s use this post to share some love, in the comments or in our social networks.
Can’t wait to see you guys, sharing some warm words together.

— Alexandre on behalf of the AcyMailing team —

Let’s try to make your life easier

We all know Covid-19 came with some bad news. And the most difficult one might be the financial one.
Companies and freelancers are losing a lot of money during this time.

That’s why we’ve made two decisions:

1. Every license ending in March / April has been extended until May for free

We want you to take the most of our product to communicate, spread the love
and share the good vibes.

2. Specific coupon code

We recently released a coupon code and we didn’t plan to have a new one
in the upcoming weeks. But we definitely think this might help people
who are in a difficult financial situation.
Hopefully this will help in some way to keep going.


*Valid until 30 March 2020



  • Giovany Humberto Berrio Hernández says:

    Muchas gracias por pensar en nosotros

  • Si Wooler says:

    Hi Everyone
    I’m overdue in renewing my subscription and notices that you have kindly implemented a discount code during Covid19. This is very welcome given the reduction in earnings and the increased need for new strategies and marketing. Unfortunately the ACY_FAMILY code appears not to be working in checkout. Has that offer ended?

    Kindest regards

    • Alexandre - AcyMailing Team says:


      Unfortunately, yes it has ended.
      Send us an email, we will find a solution for this 😉

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