RSS feed options

There are five options to personalize your RSS feed.

To customize it, go to the AcyMailing configuration page and click on the "interfaces" tab.



  • Type : Allow you to select the type of feed you want to display : do not generate RSS, generate RSS feed, Atom feed, generate both.
  • Name : Name of the feed.
  • Description : Description of the feed.
  • Max. number of items : Choose a number of displayed items.
  • Order by : The result ordering field.

Atom and RSS are not so different so you can use one of them or both the result will be the same.

Use of the feed

How does it work

The feed start from where you call him so if you are on a list of newsletters the feed will display all the latest newsletters of this list.

If you don't select any list you can see all the latest newsletters from all lists.


You can access the feed by clicking on the bottom left and corner :



Or by clicking on the Address tool-bar of your browser :


Those links will launch a RSS explorer that will display the latest newsletters according to the options you put on the configuration.



The feed is automatically updated when a new newsletter is published and visible.

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