AcyMailing Starter
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Efficiently manage an unlimited number of users
Unlimited number of emails sent

Send personalised newsletters

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Send custom content such as the user last purchased etc.
Simple statistics
Powerful newsletter editor
AcyMailing Essential
29 / year
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Features are available for one website only.
Free pack’s features plus:

Your newsletter sent automatically

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Using free version, your email will be sent manually only. This feature is only available for valid license. If your license expires then automatic send process will be stopped (More information at the bottom of this page)
Scheduled newsletter

Captcha Protection

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Captcha verification while people subscribe
Advanced Statistics
Custom support via email
AcyMailing Multi-site
319 / year
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Available for up to 20 website
Enterprise pack’s features plus:
Support for every website
Discounted price

Important note: If your license expires then automatic tasks (such as send process) and Mail tester (Anti-spam tool) won’t be available anymore.
Those services need a valid license to run.