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I would like to suggest an improvement in the statistics. I would like to add a possibility to select a date range for statistics.


Currently, on the global statistics page, I can click on each newsletter name and get a detailed statistical summary of that particular newsletter. I can see the total receivers, clicks, bounces etc.


But if I send the same newsletter to a new group of people every day or every week, there is no way to make a comparison between the results of different time periods. For example, if I want to see...


a) How many times this particular newsletter was sent last week (for example August 14th - August 18th) or

b) What was the click rate of last month (for example July 1st - July 31st) for this particular newsletter ...


...there is currently no way to get this information. 


So I would like to add a date range selection on the summary pop-up if possible. Or perhaps on the global statistics page itself. In this way, it would be possible to view a statistics of a certain time period. This would be very valuable to many of us who send the same newsletter many times to different groups.


Thank you!

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