AcyMailing Enterprise

acymailing enterprise
89,00 € excl. taxes

With an AcyMailing license you can use our package for Joomla or WordPress.
Only one at a time, but it's your choice !

Like any other version of AcyMailing, you can send newsletters at a fixed date, but AcyMailing Enterprise also enables you to set up a series of e-mails which will be sent one after the other based on the subscription date of the user + a certain amount of time!


A follow-up autoresponder campaign is the most efficient way to keep up with your subscribers and build a real relationship.


Stop writing your Newsletter, just let AcyMailing do the job!


AcyMailing Enterprise enables you to generate newsletters automatically.
Just set the frequency, and select some categories from any Joomla component (Joomla articles, Virtuemart, HikaShop, Mosets tree, K2, Sobi2, jCalPro, jEvents, EventList...) and AcyMailing will automatically create and send a newsletter every X days including all your newly created articles.


AcyMailing Enterprise includes all AcyMailing Essential features


Main features

  • Efficiently manage an unlimited number of users
  • Generate newsletters automatically (automatically send your newly create content or your monthly newsletter)
  • Send personalised newsletters
  • Detailed statistics (who clicked on which link, who opened your Newsletter, How many users unsubscribed or forwarded your email, open rates, url/click tracker)
  • Add custom fields to the user profile
  • Create follow-up auto-responder campaigns
  • Automatic filters/actions system to handle mass actions
  • Add an access control level for subscription to your lists
  • Manage your Newsletters from the frontend
  • Automatically clean your list of subscribers thanks to our bounce back handling system
  • Full ACL management
  • Override Joomla emails (confirmation one, reset your password...) to make them beautiful and to get statistics about your registration
  • Get full access to our plugins section to integration AcyMailing with other Joomla components



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