This screen enables you to create a new user or modify an existing one.

This screen also enables you to see and modify the subscription of any user.

No notification e-mail (be it a welcome e-mail or an unsubscribe confirmation) will be sent to the user if you edit it from this screen.




User Form Toolbar

  • Send : send a newsletter to this specific user
  • Save : Save the current user and return to the User Listing screen.
    • Apply : Apply the modifications to the current user and stay on the same screen.
  • Cancel : Return to the User Listing screen.
  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.


User Information

User Form Infos

  • Name : Name of the user.
  • E-mail : E-mail of the user.
  • Created Date : Created date of the user.
  • Group : Main Joomla Group of the user. If the user cannot login on your website, the group "Visitor" will be applied.
  • IP : IP of the user. AcyMailing records the IP of the user so that you are always compliant with law (in some countries, you must record this information in order to prove that the user does not come from an imported list)
  • Receive Text / HTML : If the user decided to receive Text e-mails, the text version will always be sent to this user. If the user decided to receive HTML e-mails, AcyMailing will send to this user the format you choose (so the text version if the message you wrote contains only a text version or the html version if the message you wrote contains an html version)
  • Confirmed : If you require a confirmation, the user won't be confirmed until he clicks on the confirmation link received by e-mail and no Newsletter will be sent to this user until he confirms his subscription. Nevertheless, if you do not require a confirmation, the user will stay as "not confirmed" but it has no impact on the send process and a non Confirmed user will also receive Newsletters.
  • Enabled : This field enables you to blacklist a user. If you select "No", the user won't receive messages from your website in the future.
  • Accept E-Mails : When the user unsubscribes, he also has an option to decide to never ever receive messages from your website. In that case, AcyMailing will flag this user as "Accept E-Mails : No" and will never send messages to this user. This field enables the user to make sure he won't receive any messages from your website if he decided so.



User Form Subscription

  • # : An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference.
  • Color : When you create or edit a list, you can attach a colour to this list in order to identify it easily.
  • List Name : Name of your list. An overlay will also display the description of your list. If you have more than 10 lists, a field will appear next to this column name to allow you searching into the lists.
  • Status : Status of the subscription of the user for each list. You can click on the two quick buttons "Reset" and "Subscribe all", the status of all lists will be set to "No Subscription" or "Subscribed". The status of each list can be "Subscribed", which means that the user is subscribed to this list and will receive all the messages sent to this list. "Wait Confirmation", which means that the user is subscribed to this list but you require a confirmation and the user still didn't click on the link to confirm his subscription. As soon as the user will click on the confirmation link, all his status will change from "Wait Confirmation" to "Subscribed". The status "No Subscription" means that the user neither subscribed, nor unsubscribed from the list. The status "Unsubscribed" means that the user was subscribed to the list and then decided to unsubscribe from it.
  • Subscription Date : If the user subscribed to the list, this field indicates when the user subscribed.
  • Unsubscription Date : If the user was subscribed to the list and then unsubscribed, this field indicates his unsubscription date.
  • ID : ID of the list.

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