Sending newsletters is the main point of using AcyMailing. With this documentation you will know all you need to know to create, send and manage your newsletters. 

A Newsletter is an e-mail that AcyMailing will send to one or several mailing lists at a fixed date (if you want to send an e-mail based on the subscription date of your users, you should use the Follow-Up system from AcyMailing Enterprise).



This screen enables you to manage all your Newsletters.

You can sort your Newsletters by any field, search using the "Search..." box and directly modify some properties by clicking on the icons.



Newsletter Toolbar


  • Preview / Send : This button enables you to see a preview of the selected Newsletter. You can select a Newsletter and then click on this button in order to preview your Newsletter and send it (or send a test, or schedule it...)
  • A/B Testing : Select at least two newsletters then click on this button to perform an A/X test. More information here (Enterprise version only)
  • Import : You can import a newsletter using this button. Upload a zip file with the same structure as a downloadable template from our templates section (Enterprise version only)
  • New : Enables you to create a new Newsletter.
  • Edit : Select a newsletter and then click on this button in order to edit its information.
  • Copy : Select a newsletter and then click on this button in order to copy it in a new newsletter.
  • Delete : Select one or several Newsletters and click on this button in order to completely delete the Newsletters.
  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.


Column Headers

Newsletter Columns

  • # : An indexing number automatically assigned for ease of reference.

  • Checkbox : Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After one or more boxes are checked, click on the delete button in order to delete the selected Newsletters or click on the Preview button in order to Preview and then Send one Newsletter.

  • Subject : Subject of your Newsletter.
  • Send Date : If you already sent this Newsletter, this field indicates the send date of the Newsletter.
  • Sender Information : This field displays the Sender Information of the Newsletter.
  • Creator : Creator of the Newsletter.
  • Visible : A visible and published Newsletter will be displayed on the front-end in the archive section. If your Newsletter is not visible or not published, it won't be displayed on the Front-end.
  • Published : AcyMailing will never send an unpublished Newsletter. The orange exclamation mark indicates that the Newsletter is actually scheduled and that it will be sent at the specified send date. As soon as AcyMailing will start sending this Newsletter, the publish status will be "Published".
    AcyMailing does not add e-mails in the queue when you schedule your Newsletter. AcyMailing waits until the scheduled date and then queue all your e-mails and starts the send process. With this method, AcyMailing makes sure that users who subscribed between the date you scheduled your Newsletter and the real send date will also receive your Newsletter.
  • ID : This field indicates the ID of the Newsletter.



Newsletter Filters


  • The filter caption enables you to easily search in your Newsletters.
  • If you select a list in the dropdown "All Lists", only Newsletters attached to this list will be displayed.
  • If you select a creator in the filter dropdown "All Creators", only Newsletters created by this user will be displayed.
  • If you select a year / month in the filter dropdown "Send Date", only Newsletters sent within the selected period will be displayed.


Create a newsletter

This screen enables you to create or edit a Newsletter, you will be able to select a template, add tags, add attachments, include pictures, modify the sender information.

Each Newsletter should be attached to one or several Mailing Lists in order to be sent. The Newsletter will be sent to the selected Mailing Lists and AcyMailing will take care of the send process by making sure that each user will receive only one copy of the Newsletter, even if the user belongs to several Mailing Lists.



Newsletter Toolbar


  • Template : If you click on this button, a popup will open and you will be able to choose another template (that will replace the current content of your newsletter, so make sure you select your template first when creating a newsletter).
  • Tags : If you click on this button, a popup will open and you will be able to choose which tag to insert in your Newsletter.
    You can include the name of the user, his e-mail or any other information, a Virtuemart product, a Joomla article, an event, an unsubscribe link... AcyMailing use the Joomla Plugin system so that it's very easy to add more functionalities to your AcyMailing component. More tag plugins here.
  • Replace Tags : If you click on this button, all global tags will be replaced by the corresponding content.
    None of the personal tags will be replaced as they are replaced only during the send process.
  • Preview / Send : Save the current Newsletter and display the preview screen where you will be able to preview, test, send or schedule your Newsletter.
  • Save : Save the current Newsletter and return to the Newsletter Management screen.
    • Apply : Apply the modifications to the current Newsletter and stay on the same screen.
    • Save as template : Apply the modifications to the current Newsletter, create a new template from this newsletter, assign this new template to the newsletter and stay on the same screen (Commercial versions only).
  • Cancel : Return to the previous screen without saving the modifications.
  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.


Newsletter Information


Newsletter Informations


  • Subject : Subject of your Newsletter. You can include a tag in the subject to personalize it depending on the receiver.
    The following mail clients will support all/part of the proposed emojis: Gmail, Outlook 7/10/13/16/.com, Yahoo, Apple mail, Windows mail, Android, IPhone
    Keep in mind that if an emoji isn’t supported by the mail client, the recipient may see a ☐ character instead.
  • Alias : Alias of your Newsletter, this field will be used for SEF Links.
  • Published : Is this Newsletter published or not? A non published Newsletter won't be displayed on the Front-end.
    This field is also used to determine if the Newsletter is scheduled or not (only from AcyMailing Essential). A scheduled Newsletter will be automatically published as soon as AcyMailing sends the first e-mail of the Newsletter.
  • Visible : If your Newsletter is visible and published, the Newsletter will be displayed on the archive section on the Front-end.
  • Thumbnail : You can select an image with this option that will be shown as thumbnail in the archive section.
  • Summary : You can add here a summary for the newsletter, that will be shown on your archive section.
  • Send HTML Version : You can choose to send the HTML Version or the Text version of your Newsletter. If you select "NO", AcyMailing will send the TEXT Version to all your receivers (the preference of the user does not matter in that case). If you select "Yes", the Newsletter will be sent depending on the preference of each user.
    Spam score is usually lower if you send Text versions. So if you don't care about the look of your Newsletter, we recommend you to select "NO".
    The editor area should disappear if you select "No" and you will only be able to edit the Text Version of your Newsletter.
  • Tags : You can tag your newsletters, to retrieve them easily on newsletter listings
  • Created Date : Date of creation of your Newsletter.
  • Send Date : The date the newsletter has been sent
  • Sent by : The user that sent the newsletter
  • Language : You can attach your newsletter to a language so AcyMailing will use this language in the generated links (unsubscribe link for example)


Newsletter Body

Like any e-mail, a Newsletter can have two parts, an HTML Version and a Text Version.
Those two parts can be sent in the same e-mail (depending on your AcyMailing Configuration) but the receiver will see only ONE of those two parts depending on his e-mail client.

Your own editor will be loaded and you will be able to modify the body of your Newsletter with your favorite editor!
The AcyMailing Configuration page also enables you to select another Joomla Editor so that you can use your favorite editor to edit your Joomla Articles and another one to edit all AcyMailing Newsletters (we recommend to use our own editor, and let us know if you think a feature is missing).

Newsletter Body


Attached Lists

Each Newsletter will be sent to one or several lists of users.
You can attach each Newsletter to one or several lists so AcyMailing will send this Newsletter to all available (not blocked, not unsubscribed...) users in each attached list.
AcyMailing will take care of the send process and will make sure that one user only receives one copy of your Newsletter, even if he subscribed to several Mailing Lists in the ones selected.


Affected Lists



You can attach files to each Newsletter.

If you want to attach more than one file, you can click on the "Attach a new file" link and AcyMailing will display a new button so that you can select a new file.

Once you're done, you can Save your Newsletter and you will clearly see the list of attachments and you will still be able to delete them.

Each attached file will be added to your Newsletter.

If you have huge attachments (more than 500Ko), we recommend you to not embed your attachments in the e-mail itself but let AcyMailing add a link to your online file. This option is available in the AcyMailing Configuration page, tab "Mail configuration".

Newsletter attachments


Sender Information

By default, your default sender information will be loaded when you create a new Newsletter but you can modify any of those for each Newsletter. You can also add tags in those fields such as {subtag:name|info:sender} to insert the sender's name.

Sender Informations

  • From Name: This name will appear as sender of Newsletter
  • From Address: This email address will appear as sender of the Newsletter
  • Reply-to Name: This name will appear if the user tries to reply to your Newsletter
  • Reply-to Address: Emails sent in reply to your Newsletter will be sent to this email address
  • BCC: The newsletter will also be sent to the email address you specify

Note that the BCC is added on every email so if you send the newsletter to 1500 users, your BCC address will get 1500 emails in its mailbox!

  • Favicon: Some mailboxes allow you to display a favicon with your email. This will not work for all mailboxes!



You can add meta keywords and a meta description using those two fields.

Sender Informations


Inbox actions

With this tab, you can add Inbox buttons directly on your email's subject line in the mail clients, you will find more information here.

Sender Informations



When you create a new Newsletter, one default template can be automatically loaded. The loaded template is the first published template and set as default. If there is no published template which is set as default, no template will be loaded and your Newsletter editor will be empty. You can manage all your templates and modify the default loaded template very easily by clicking on the menu link "Templates".

By clicking on the button "Template", a popup will open including all your published templates ordered based on your preferences.

You can click on any of your templates in order to directly see it in your Newsletter Editor.

Be careful! If you already wrote some text, the new template will overwrite your actual content.


Newsletter template



By clicking on the button "Tags", a popup will open and display all your published AcyMailing tag plugins.

Depending on your published plugins (they can be managed either from the AcyMailing configuration page, or from the Joomla Plugin Manager), you will see a different screen.

Each plugin has its own documentation so you can click on the button "Help" inside the popup in order to display the related information.

This screen enables you to include almost anything in a Newsletter. You will probably mostly use the plugin "Subscription" which enables you to include subscription tags in your Newsletter such as "Modify your subscription" or "Unsubscribe" but you may also use the "Subscriber" plugin in order to include personal information of the user such as his name... Other plugins will enable you to include Joomla Articles in your Newsletter, VirtueMart coupons, VirtueMart Products, Events from jCalPro, information from Community Builder... and you can even develop your own AcyMailing plugin!


Newsletter tag


Create and send your first newsletter step by step

This documentation will explain you, step by step, how to create and send your first Newsletter.


Create a newsletter

    • Log in on the back-end, go on any AcyMailing page, then click on the "Newsletters" menu.

Newsletter menu

    • Click on the button New to create a new Newsletter

Newsletter New

    • You can now see the Newsletter edition.
    • Your first default published template has been automatically loaded (you can create templates or change the default one in the template section).
      But you can also switch your template on the fly.

Newsletter template


    • Click on the button template and select another template by clicking on its area.

Swith template


    • Your other template should immediately appear inside your wysiwyg editor and the popup will close automatically.

second template


  • Write a subject and the content of your e-mail the way you want.
    You can include pictures, text, links...


Add tags to your Newsletter

  • One of the best features in AcyMailing is its ability to include personal information in the Newsletter so each user will receive HIS Newsletter and not a generic one.
  • Click on the button Tags

Tag button

  • A popup will open and you will see a list of information you can use in your Newsletter
  • You can insert personal information which will be replaced during the send process like the name of the user for example, or a personal link to enable your users to unsubscribe from your Newsletter...
  • Click on the menu Subscriber to be able to access the subscriber information and insert your personal tag then click on the field Name.

Subsciber tags


  • You should see immediately the tag {subtag:name} inserted in your Newsletter, where your cursor was. If you didn't click in your newsletter's content area before inserting the tag, it will be automatically placed in the Subject field.

name tag inserted

  • If you want to add the subscriber name in the subject of your e-mail for example, simply click in the subject field before opening the Tags popup.


Add a Joomla article to your Newsletter

  • Click again on the button Tags

    Tag button

  • Click on the menu Joomla Content
  • Select one or several articles
  • Click on the button Insert the tag and the tag will be inserted in your Newsletter, where your cursor was.
  • This tag will be then replaced on the preview screen or during the send process but you can also replace it if you click on the button Replace Tags

Insert article

  • AcyMailing is integrated with several other components so the same way, you will be able to insert Joomla Content, Events, Products, Coupon Discounts or even a Joomla Module! (depending on your AcyMailing version)
  • If you insert a tag in your Newsletter which is not a personal tag (Content, Events, Products...), this tag will be also replaced during the send process and on the preview page.
    But if you want to modify it, you can click on the button Replace Tags which will replace the tag by the real content so you will be able to modify the inserted content the way you want before sending your Newsletter.


Attach your Newsletter to one list

Let's now consider you finished writing your Newsletter and you want to send it.

AcyMailing handles multiple lists of users and the same Newsletter can be sent to several lists at the same time (AcyMailing will handle the duplicates). So first, you have to select the receivers of your Newsletter.

  • On the right side of the Newsletter edition, you can see a Lists tab.
    In this tab you will see all your lists, and you can select if you want the subscribers of each list to receive your Newsletter or not.
    In this example, only the subscribers of the list Newsletters will receive the Newsletter.
    You can safely select several lists since none of your users will receive twice the same Newsletter even if they are subscribed to several lists.

Select lists


Test your Newsletter

Your Newsletter is ready to be sent... let's test it!

  • Click on the button Preview / Send to save your Newsletter and access the preview page.

Preview button

  • You can send a test to yourself (default value), to an entire Joomla group (Manager, Administrator or Super Administrator) or to any other e-mail address.

Send a test


Send your Newsletter

  • Once you successfully tested your Newsletter, you can handle the real send process by clicking on the button Send

Send button

  • A popup will open asking you a confirmation to send your Newsletter

Sending Confirmation

  • Then click on the Send button to confirm the sending process!


Frequently Asked Questions

A user is subscribed to two lists, will he receive two copies of the same Newsletter?

No. Even if your user is subscribed to several lists, he will receive only one copy of your Newsletter.


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